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Finding Kurama

Characters: Shishiwakamaru and Kurama
Location: Ningenkai, park
Rating: Everyone, Shishi actually behaves.
Summary: Shishiwakamaru delivers Yomi's message
Spoilers?: yes, no, maybe?

Oh, wonderful...Collapse )
Yomi incanted the word to cease the 'recording' and then followed it up by an instant replay of sorts, a projection of himself appearing before him, the youki it expended resonating through him. His body recognized the same youki inside itself and seemed to react to it.

"To my dearest old comrade; greetings from the Makai. If you've had your ear to the ground at all, the setting I'm about to explain isn't news to you.I'm staging a particular act here soon, an act of immense importance. It has to do with you in more ways than you know-- the whole of Ningenkai, and the Makai, and even the Reikai for that matter. Don't even bother trying to show this to that bouncing baby boy, either-- the ball will explode as soon as it nears the Reikai border."

"Shall we start then?" The projection of Yomi's image shifted weight from one foot to the other, one hand akimbo on his hip, the other motioning a bit as he spoke. "I want you to join me. You'll have a reserved seat as my right-hand man-- the supporting character to my little play. The curtain is rising soon, so an answer within the following week will be most appreciated. All of Makai has begun to move, whether they realize it or not. Their instincts are flaring. My own personal army is forming as we speak-- Beyond Gandara, I have a nice little gathering of S-class demons, and quite the numbers in B-class and A-class."

"I want to rule the stage. The Ningenkai is full of dirty politics and crass rules, and with a bit of power, it would be so easy to cleanse that-- switch power to someone that has spent hundreds of years ruling a people, not months or a few years. I want to take the place as the protagonist, so to say."

After a moment's pause, he tilts his head to the side and spreads his arms in a welcoming gesture. "So, Kurama, will you join me? Know that your family will be safe, and are offered a place here in the palace's royal quarters, if you need the extra assurance. I won't be unleashing anarchy in the Ningenkai, no-- simply using a few demons to displace the current powers. Better yet? The Reikai can do nothing to stop it, with all the power gathered. It's been methodical and tedious, but holes have slowly opened in the barrier all over the world, just enough for masked S-class demons to get through."

"And lastly, feel free to bring along any friends you think would be assets. I'd be especially pleased if Urameshi Yuusuke-kun would be on our side-- that'd be quite the plot twist, don't you agree? Anyways, I hope to hear your answer soon. Whether by word with the messenger I sent this with, or by your presence here for a short period of time, it matters not. I hope this finds you well, my dear friend, and good night."

It cut off then, the youki ceasing to exist in a split second, and Yomi was pleased with it. He tucked the crystal ball inside of a fine wooden box, cushioned by silk the color of blood-- the color of Kurama's hair. It was rather poetic, really.

Calling for a maid, he planned to send Shishiwakamaru to deliver the message, especially after hearing that he was formerly acquainted with the Reikai Tantei from the dark tournament a year or so past. With this, the plot was slowly beginning, the proverbial ball was beginning to roll, and his act was soon to be on its way, the curtains parting for the rise of a new power.

[[OOC: FINALLY. I know, right? Anyways, kiddies, reply however you'd like-- Kurama, feel free to tell whomever you want about it, just please not Reikai! Sorry, Botan. XD Shishi, this is your first task in proving yourself to Yomi-sama!! XD Just kidding~ Feel free to make a fuss. The curtains are opening~! The plot is starting~! Oh my stars and garters, is it possible?! XD ♥ Apologies for being so slow with this~]


Characters: Yomi and Shishiwakamaru
Location: Yomi’s waiting room, Gandara
Rating: PG?
Summary: Yomi meets with Shishiwakamaru
Spoilers: Possibly for the Dark Tournament season.

In fact, what have you come to discuss, that you'd demand my presence?Collapse )

[Yomi & Shura] One More Time [Closed Log]

Characters: Yomi, Shura
Location: Gandara, Castle, Training Arena
Rating: E for Everyone!
Summary: Yomi and Shura do a bit of training, and then have a father and son moment as Yomi reads Shura a book before bed.
Spoilers? Uh, if you haven't read Eragon, then there's some POSSIBLE slight spoilers for a chapter around the middle of the book? XD

Music's Got Me Feeling so FREECollapse )


To Gandara

A glance to the left, then to the right to make sure no one was around. Perfect! The samurai smirked to himself, seeing no one nearby. Adjusting his grip on his bags and making sure his sword was tucked securaly in the sash of his dark blue hakama, he silently walked down the hall. The house was silent, it was the middle of the night and no one would be awake...or so the samurai hoped.
At the door, he slipped on his sandales and adjusted the dark violet kimono he wore. It was time to be off...at last.

Shishiwakamaru had returned home after the shameful defeat during the semi-finals of the Ankoku Bujusukai in disgrace. He was furious with Suzuki for their defeat...they were supposed to win! But things didn't end up that way. The samurai winced, embarrassed still at the memory of being defeated by Genkai. His reputation...in shatters. It was out of shame that he had returned home, though he would never admit it. As for where Suzuki was, Shishiwakamaru was still furious with him and so hadn't seen the clown since after the semi-finals. In his view, it was all Suzuki's fault.

It had been a very welcome relief when Shishiwakamaru heard from rumors in the town where his family lived about how Yomi was planning on a take over of the Ningenkai. This was his chance to actually do something and to reclaim his deserved fame and glory.
Well, it certainly had to be more exciting then sitting around being lectured by his parents about honor and pride and drinking tea all day.

He paused and stepped back into the shadows as a servant walked by close by. Shishi was leaving in the night to avoid his parents, who he knew would disaprove of him taking off again so soon. Especially since they had been pushing him towards fulfilling certain duties. He wanted no part of that so it was off to Gandara to offer his services to Yomi.

Once he was sure that the area was clear once more, it was a simple matter to silently make his way past the gate and to the road, towards Gandara at last.

Meeting Once Again

How long had it been? A small while since the whole Sensui ordeal. A cheerful nod came from the petite girl as she excused herself from Koenma's office and casually waddled her way down the halls. She had been ignoring all the commotion at the main room, as the multi-colored ogres ran around in hysteria. However, the ferry girl learned to deal with the hustle n' bustle of the main room, that occupied the main headquarters of Reikai, or Spirit World. The sky blue haired girl subconsciously stepped over a green ogre, as if she had rather expected the creature to trip at that moment and at the send time, sent all the papers he was holding up in the air and making them drift among the non-existent wind that caused the parchments to float aimlessly toward the floor.

After helping the creature and walking through the "Wall St." of Reikai, she finally found herself outside the main gate. With a poof, she was safely secured on her oar and made her way toward another world, Ningenkai, or the Human World, where her boss's employees were currently resigning. Twists, turns and flips with her oar, she darted herself toward the meeting place she had informed the Reikai Tantei beforehand through previous communication.

The meeting venue she had chosen was an high secluded area, where she allowed to herself to sit comfortably on her mode of transportation. The wind whispered through the trees, causing the leaves to gently flow pass her. The greenery shading her from the light of the sun. Looking down, her gaze met with the mixed colored forest floor, fixed with browns, greens and other earthly colors. A few flowers sprinkled themselves around the floor.
If anyone bothered to observe the scenery, the would have noted the park that sat a little ways from the miniature forest. It had been a rare day where the inhabitants of the community were hardly outside, minus a few people who felt like enjoying the warmth of the sun shine. She had assumed that the detectives knew of her meeting spot. After all, they were quite informed of their own surroundings and the town itself.

"Sorry to bother you, in our moment of peace," she apologized as she hovered on her oar and quickly snagged her mini note pad and pen, "I'm certain that you were enjoying the break, but I have some orders from Reikai."

 "We have a bit of a pest problems at each regions of the city, " she informed as she over looked her notes, "I'm quite sure you boys will be able to handle the small fry that decided to pay your world a small visit." Botan giggled quietly as she averted her certain attention toward the detectives. "And it's quite simple, really... Just eliminate  them and you should be done.  Once you are done, just report to me and I'll report to Koenma-sama about the outcomes.  However, if you face some difficult problems, don't be afraid to call me!"

"So, any questions? Yes, no... Maybe so?" she blinked as she tucked the note pad and pen back into her kimono. Her magenta gaze then turned their full attention back toward the boys.
Yomi stood at the back of his conference room, before the windows that reached from the floor to the vaulted ceilings in a magnificent display; one he could only imagine within his mind's eye.

He had his back to the long table, his plush chair at the head of the silver-inlaid cherry wood table vacant. However, no one dare question why he ignored the conference-- everyone knew that he was listening. Or at least, they thought he was.

In reality? He was going over the plan once more, only one of six ears paying attention to the conversation. If he were to meditate later this evening, he could recall what happened in the conference perfectly fine.

He imagined the scene he was 'looking' at. From memory, and from his mental image of his city. The current vantage point was the same that his royal chambers beheld, only three floors lower. It was a perfect, full-view of Gandara in all it's glory, the castle higher than any of the grandest skyscrapers-- another one currently in construction. It was the Gandaran Resources building, as he had read about the humans 'recycling' plan and thought it witty. No where else in the Makai had recycling, but soon, Gandara would. It was a useful idea, really, considering how far in poverty most of the Makai was.

As exciting as recycling may be, Yomi still yearned for... for something more. He was often found reading books from the Ningenkai, or reading their newspapers. [Oh, how does a blind demon read, you ask? Quite simply, really. His leading scientist developed a sort of projection device that sticks on Yomi's temple, and captures the information and projects it to his mind's eye. Most of the books here were made digital, so turning pages wasn't necessary.

There was still a grand library, though, about two floors below the conference room. It was open to all inhabitants of the castle, but the books were divided into demon classes, according to confidentiality levels. If you were an S-Class demon, you could probably access most of the books in the library.]

The humans had it so easy. He yearned for a life like that-- he was secretly quite the romanticist anyways-- and he always enjoyed making the humans tell him about their lives and world before they were killed and served for the occasional dinner. Oh, how he wanted to visit one day. Maybe he could convince Kurama to help smuggle him through one of the holes in the barrier and show him around Japan. It sounded like such a beautiful country, in the books he read.

"Your Majesty, the meeting's over. We'll be taking our leave now...?", "Aa. Thank you very much for your hard work.", "Yes, Your Majesty."

Good, now he could return to his computer and plot out a bit more.